Informal Assessment Review

Informal Review Applications are accepted January 1st to April 12th.


The Assessor's Office will continue to offer property owners an Informal Review Process. If you feel your assessment is incorrect then you must provide the Assessor with reasonable information, based on market sales, that supports your opinion of market value.


In comparing similar sales, it is important to remember that location, style, age and size are critical to the comparison process. For example: if you purchased your home for $200,000 on a particular street or neighborhood DO NOT look for homes that sell for $150,000 in other neighborhoods or compare a 5 year old house with a 50 year old house. BE REALISTIC AND HONEST.


Worksheets available after January 1

§  Informal Review Instructions

§  Residential Assessment Review Worksheets

§  Commercial Assessment Review Worksheets
Commerical Informal Review Request for Data

§  Vacant Land Assessment Review Worksheets

§  Condo Assessment Review Worksheet


These worksheets are intended to assist you in determining if you are assessed fairly.  It is up to you to demonstrate that your property is not assessed at full market value. Your property should be assessed at 100% of its full market value.